After-Sales Service

For Manz Service, the customer relationship does not end with the delivery of the machine. We accompany our customers throughout the entire product life cycle. Together we ensure that the customer‘s machine works efficiently and reliably.

Hotline & Remote Support

The Manz Service Competence Center (SCC) combines the advantages of a competent hotline with the extended functions of remote service diagnostics. Our Hotline & Remote Support service package not only includes fast response times, ensure comprehensive incident analysis and timely resolution, but also guarantees a high level of system availability by reducing downtime.

Service Package Hotline & Remote Support
  • Fast response times ensure comprehensive incident analysis and timely resolution
  • System availability is maintained at a high level by reducing downtime
  • Targeted support by Manz experts from various departments
  • Time and cost savings due to reduced on-site visits
  • Our remote maintenance solution – the Manz Remote Box – uses a highly efficient security architecture (ISO 27001 certified) and multi-layer encrypted data traffic. You decide when you grant us access via the Manz Remote Box.
  • Remote support during regular business hours is included in the warranty period

Technical On-site Service

Highly qualified specialists, equipped with the latest diagnostic and measuring devices, are the best prerequisites for getting machines or systems back into operation professionally and promptly bring production readiness.

Maintenance and Servicing

To minimize the technical wear and tear and the existing wear potential, we offer our service packages tailored to your needs with regard to maintenance and servicing.

Service Package Field Service

An employee trained in your application is dispatched for service assignment. We are on
hand if you need support in the event of a repair or incident. Within Europe and Germany, we can usually ensure that we can start work on site at short notice on working days.

Service Package Maintenance

This offer serves to minimize technical wear and reduces the existing wear potential. This greatly reduces the risk of unplanned plant downtime. The more intensively the machine or system is used, the higher the risk of failure. Accordingly, regular machine care and maintenance is essential.

Service & Support

Phone: +49 (0) 7121 9000 555

Please complete the Service Request Form and send it to We will get back to you promptly with a solution. In urgent cases, please also contact us by telephone.

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Wear and Spare Parts and Consumables

The Basic, Standard and Premium service packages, as well as the Wear Parts and Consumables service package, can be flexibly combined. They provide optimum production security and are customized to the customer‘s needs and requirements.


Your Benefits

  • High availability of spare parts thanks to global network spare parts management via local service branches close to the customer
  • Advice on parts identification and recommendation of suitable spare parts packages
  • Availability of spare parts for parts that are no longer available through used and refurbished spare parts
  • Worldwide repair and refurbishment service (local Manz repair centers in Europe, USA, and Asia)
Service Package Basic

This spare parts package includes a minimum stock of parts. Top priority parts are included.

Service Package Standard

In addition to the basic package, spare parts are included, which further reduce the risk.

Service Package Premium

Extensive availability of spare parts ensures a wide range of response options in the event of an incident.

Service Package Wear and Spare Parts

Based on the type, number, and the required maintenance intervals, as well as the planned system operating time, we will put together a package of wear parts and consumables specifically for you.

Spareparts Service

Phone: +49 (0) 7121 9000 310

If a spare part or assembly needs to be repaired, please complete the Repair Request Form and send it to We will get back to you promptly with a solution.

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Individual Support und Service Contracts

Our performance packages and services can be bundled into customized service packages and secured via service contracts.

Your Benefits

  • You have access to an expert contact who will also provide you with valuable assistance outside of normal business hours
  • You can be assured that your process will be processed within a response time that is customized to your needs
  • You can combine a wide variety of services to ensure maximum security for your production.
  • You can support your budget planning by underpin reliable cost planning


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