Monitoring and Evaluation of Production Data

Optimize your production processes and increase your productivity: With the smartPRODUCTIONKIT, production data can be collected and evaluated across all process steps of production.

Digitization for Greater Transparency and Quality

Optimize your production processes and the quality of your products. With the Manz smartPRODUCTIONKIT, you can monitor and analyze your production quickly and transparently. Data analysis allows you to efficiently increase system availability and production quality.

Similar machines or lines can be compared with a detailed focus on individual process steps to identify bottlenecks and performance differences and to specify optimization tasks in detail.

Seamless Traceability

Produced parts and workpiece carriers can be completely and seamlessly tracked throughout the entire production process using self-defined attributes and properties, such as QR or RFID codes. Data evaluation is carried out both in real-time and retrospectively to enable IIoT applications such as predictive maintenance.

Sensitive data is securely stored and can be streamed and analyzed almost synchronously with changes to the process for process optimization.


Easily analyze process cycle data
  • Machines and production lines can be compared at a high level of detail.
  • Bottlenecks or differences in performance can be identified and tasks can be optimized during the various process steps.
Machine and production data at a glance
  • For seamless real-time tracking and tracing of data from an entire line throughout the entire production process.
Integration according to the latest standard
  • Integrates Manz machines safely and reliably into the production process via the industry-standard OPC UA interface, including third-party machines.
Fast, reliable and ready for control
  • Data streaming and analysis in the millisecond range.
  • Secure storage of your data and fast feedback to optimize processes.

New Manz machines are equipped with the smartPRODUCTIONKIT at the client's request, while older models can be retrofitted at any time. Users can use the solution both cloud-based and edge-based.

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