Future Battery Technologies

In the Future Battery Technologies sector, we develop innovative processes and integrated production lines for the „lithium-ion battery factory of the future“.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Factory of the Future

Global demand for production technology for lithium-ion battery cells and modules is growing steadily and will continue to rise sharply in the coming years, also driven by the expansion of electromobility.

We have therefore set ourselves the goal of contributing to accelerating the transition to all-solid-state batteries and helping to build a sustainable and competitive battery industry in Europe.

With our Lithium Ion Battery Factory of the Future (LBF) project, we are developing highly efficient machines and processes for the fully automated production of next-generation lithium ion batteries.

Our Goals

  • Reduction of energy consumption in production
  • Digitalization of the factory (Industry 4.0)
  • Continuously automated process optimization through the use of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Fast product and format change
  • Reduced footprint
  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership (CoO)

Yesterday – today – tomorrow: Our contribution to the future of lithium-ion battery cell production.

Innovative Engineering for Tomorrow's Battery Production

Within the value chain, the Manz Group represents the entire range of production equipment for manufacturing battery cells and battery systems.

We develop process and automation systems that enable cost-effective, efficiency-optimized and sustainable production of Li-ion battery cells and systems.

Our focus is on fully automated cell and module assembly for all cell formats such as round cells, prismatic cells and pouch cells. This applies equally to battery systems. With a modular construction system, costs are to be saved, development resources conserved and delivery times reduced.

Production Success through the Use of Digital Technologies

Using new methods, such as digital twins, a new generation of fully automated production lines is being developed. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) allows us to create a new, innovative way of controlling machines and production, with the goal of self-optimizing manufacturing.

Future production facilities will require significantly less energy and space than current mass production facilities.

The efficiency (OEE) of the production lines is significantly increased, with the result that production costs can be significantly reduced and the reject rate significantly lowered.

In addition to the current material composition of electrodes and separators (Gen. 2), the main focus of the project is on the processing of 3rd generation battery cells (Gen. 3), with a high nickel and low manganese and cobalt content (NMC622, NMC 811), as well as solid-state batteries (Gen. 4), which required specially designed handling and processing techniques due to their material properties.

The Battery Factory of the Future – a European Funding Project 

The European Battery Innovation (EuBatIn) is funded by the European Commission as an IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) because of its important contribution to growth, employment and competitiveness of the European industry and economy.

Manz AG and its subsidiary Manz Italy S.r.l. are partners in the European research project EuBatIn.

EuBatIn, with 42 partners from over ten European countries, is pursuing an ambitious goal: to map the entire value chain of lithium-ion battery production in such a way that competitive mass production is achieved exclusively by European companies and components. In this way, the project is helping to strengthen an industry that is of strategic importance for the future of Europe, especially with regard to clean and low-emission mobility.

The Manz Group is the leader in the value chain for the entire range of production equipment used to manufacture battery cells and battery systems.

Within the EuBatIn project, we have set ourselves the goal of developing the lithium-ion battery factory of the future.

The lithium-ion battery factory of the future is a sub-project of EuBatIn and is funded by the European Commission.



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