DWD SERIES– Display Wet-Chemical Developing

Manz developers of DWD Series for positive and negative photoresists offer best developing uniformity and stability. For a highly precise pattern definition on panels, parts of photoresist are removed from the exposed glass substrates by developing chemicals.


You can individually configure and scale the various modules for work steps and handling tasks. The standard model of DWD Series comprises loading and unloading unit, conveyor, lift and a process station. The DWD Series can be customized for different processes:

  • Touch/Cover Glass (DWD 100 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • A-Si TFT (DWD 200 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • LTPS (DWD 300 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • Fan-out (DWD 500 Series)

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  • No Mura, foam, water or roller marks on the substrates after the process
  • Reduced formation of bubbles and enhanced developing performance due to a special function design
  • Enhanced uniformity thanks to optimized nozzle dispense modes including swing and oscillating modes
  • Increase in production safety due to excellent isolation effects and air pumping field control which effectively prevent leakage of chemicals, gas and liquids


Market segmentation Touch Panel / Cover Glasses / a-Si TFT / LTPS / Fan Out

Production uptime

≥ 95 %

Substrate thickness

Above G8.5: 0.4 mm ~ 0.7 mm
Below G6: 0.2 mm ~ 0.7 mm

Transportation accuracy

± 0.5 mm

CD uniformity

3 σ ≦ 0.3 µm

High resolution

L/S = 1.5/1.5 µm

Breakage rate

< 1/10,000


Mitsubishi PLC with color touchscreen

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