DWL SERIES – Display Wet-Chemical Cleaning

In the production processes of displays and touch panels, Manz cleaning solutions of the DWL Series remove dirt and particles on glass substrates as well as foils effectively and fast. A removal rate of more than 98 % ensures a very high quality of end-products.


Within the DWL Series, you can individually configure and scale the various modules for work steps and handling tasks. The standard model comprises loading and unloading unit, conveyor, lift and a cleaning station. The cleaner can be customized for:

  • Touch/Cover Glass (DWL 100 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • A-Si TFT (DWL 200 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • LTPS (DWL 300 Series, including roll-to-roll solutions)
  • OLED (DWL 400 Series)
  • Fan-out (DWL 500 Series)


  • No Mura, no roller marks, no water marks: glass substrates meet cleanness standards before entering the next process stage
  • Reduction of water consumption due to three stage cascade rising system
  • High throughput from 120 to 163 UPH for G8.6 size
  • Excellent air knife design for maximum drying efficiency of substrates increases production yield
  • Stable process due to fully automatic concentration control system for detergent
  • Contact angle ≤ 5° after cleaning (need to equip with EUV/AP Plasma (optional))


Market segmentation Touch Panel / Cover Glasses / a-Si TFT / LTPS / OLED / Fan Out

Production uptime

≥ 95 %

Substrate thickness

Above G8.5: 0.4 mm ~ 0.7 mm
Below G6: 0.2 mm ~ 0.7 mm

Transportation accuracy

± 0.5 mm

Particle removal rate

> 98 %

Breakage rate

< 1/10,000

Production speed

Up to 9 m/min


Mitsubishi PLC with color touchscreen

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