LightAssembly – Assembly-driven Production Solutions

The modular and freely configurable assembly platform LightAssembly offers a reliable automation and integration of complex assembly processes. From incoming goods inspection to assembly and quality control all the way to packaging, the assembly line can be individually configured and scaled according to the modular principle.


You can individually configure and scale the various modules for work steps and handling tasks. The standard model of LightAssembly comprises loading and unloading units, conveyor, lift and process station.
Moreover the standard model can be individually equipped and retrofitted:

  • Transport
    • LiFo-Buffer (Carrier)
    • FiFo-Buffer (Carrier)
  • Matching and sorting
    • Optical metrology and classification combined with selective assembly algorithms for determining the parts best suited to each other
    • Sorting & binning of material into trays, e. g. based on classification
  • Processes and assembly
    • Screwing
    • Adhering, casting, and pressing
    • Application and curing of adhesives
    • Laser welding
    • Laser cleaning and conditioning
    • Laser marking and labeling
    • Automated assembly (Scara-, 6-axis robot, 1- to 4-axis handling systems)
    • Optimized manual workstations
  • Data monitoring, inspection and quality control
    • 2D Measurement
    • 3D Geometry inspection
    • Surface inspection
    • Final inspection
    • Extensive diagnostic & logging options

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  • Productivity increase by perfectly synchronized processes and integrated metrology
  • Flexibility increase by a space-saving design, unlimited scaling options and location-independent deployment
  • Comprehensive data acquisition and simple integration into an MES
  • Fast and flexible delivery and start-up through standardized assembly modules
  • Re-usability of the standard modules over several product generations


Key parameters of platform

Modular units; configurable, scalable; for integration in production systems or as stand-alone processing cells

Dimensions product assembly

25 x 25 mm to 400 x 800 mm


Belt based, scalable width from 200 to 800 mm, carrier tracking by RFID or barcode


200 x 200 mm to 1400 x 400 mm

Handling systems

Cartesian axis systems, 3D Lambda, Scara, 6-axis robot, special kinematic systems

Material feeding

Tray based feeding, blister based feeding, bowl feeding, customized feeding solutions, MES interface

Product tracking

Data matrix / barcode or serial number placed on the product


Touchscreen with visual interface (operation, diagnostics, status)


High quality sheet metal housings, optional ESD (electrostatic discharge)

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