PSG Series – PCB Inline Analysis and Dosing System

The fully automatic Inline Chemistry Analyzer ICA of the PSG Series enables a real-time analysis and subsequent dosing of up to five chemicals for consistently high production results in wet-chemical processes of PCB production.


The combined analysis and dosing system analyzes chemical solutions automatically by proper sensors and reagents applying titration or direct measurement methods. The inline automatic dosing function allows a fast and accurate dosing.

  • Compact design
  • Simple operation
  • Easy and fast replacement of spare parts (express delivery)


  • Replaces manual analysis and greatly improves accuracy
  • Automatic sampling increases analysis frequency, allowing the customer to monitor the concentration more accurately and maintaining the stability of the concentration above 97 %
  • Inline automatic dosing system allows faster and more accurate dosing compared to manual adjustments
  • Effectively reduces the laboratory personnel and analysis equipment; lowers production costs


Analysis accuracy:

greater than 97 %

Analysis frequency:

15 min/time (max)

Analysis duration:

15 min/time

Sampling accuracy:

0.02 ml

Repeated analysis stability:

± 3 %

Maximum kinds of analysis solutions:


Solution analysis mode:

neutralization titration, potential difference titration, pH value measurement, absorbance measurement and so on

Automatic solution replenishment interval:

5 min (max)

Additional data for single process modules available on request.

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