PWO Series – PCB Wet-Chemical Oxide Replacement Process

Equipment of the PWO Series form a tear resistant oxidization layer on the inner layer to enhance the bonding of the inner layer and prepreg during the lamination process. The integrated production line for the manufacture of multi-layer PCBs disposes of a horizontal conveyor system and comprises following process steps: loading and unloading, several rinsing processes including acid and alkaline rinsing, oxide replacement, drying.


  • Uniform Oxide replacement, no color difference, no roller marks, water marks or scratches
  • No dirt or residual chemicals after wet-cleaning
  • High conveying stability with deviation of ± 10 mm (with width control device)
  • Equipped with automatic control system to guarantee stable process parameters


  • Over 95 % modularized products
  • Excellent squeeze roller design with drag-out of ≤ 10 cc/m² to prevent chemical drag-out and contamination
  • Sloped-bottom tanks for chemical processes to minimize solution leftover
  • Sloped-bottom and small-volume tanks for rinsing process to improve tank turnover rate by 50 %



max. 610 x 610 mm
min. 250 x 250 mm

Panel thickness:

0.1 mm - 3.2 mm

Additional data available on request.

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