PWP Series – PCB Wet-Chemical R2R Black-Hole Process

Roll-to-Roll (R2R) Equipment of the PWP Series for the black-hole process (direct metallization) deposits conductive carbon on the hole walls as basis for electrolytic copper plating. Our integrated black-hole lines are well combinable with desmear process and cover following process steps: winding and unwinding, cleaning/conditioning, multiple rinsing and drying steps, black-hole process as well as micro-etching.


  • Very good process results for through-holes and blind holes
  • No dirt or residual chemicals after wet cleaning
  • High conveying stability with deviation of only ± 10 mm (with width control device)
  • Equipped with automatic control system to guarantee stable process parameters
  • Single-track or double-track conveyor can be selected according to production capacity and process requirements


  • Modularized design: tension or dancer rollers can be selected according to the process requirements to prevent deforming
  • Robust body structure to maintain parallel position of rollers during long-term operation
  • Superior Edge Position Control (EPC) to ensure even and straight rolling
  • Sloped-bottom tanks for chemical processes to minimize solution leftover
  • Sloped-bottom and small-volume tanks for rinsing process to improve tank turnover rate by 50 %


Specifications of substrates:

Panel width

250 - 600mm (can be customized for different sizes)

Panel thickness

12.5 μm – 25 μm or thicker

Dia. of through hole

min. 0.1 mm A/R 10:1

Dia. of blind hole

min. 0.075 mm A/R 1:1

R2R performance:

Normal operating time (uptime)

≥ 95 %

Mean repair time (MTTR)

4 h

EPC permissible edge alignment

± 0.5 mm

Low-tension control

5 N - 30 N

Additional data available on request.

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