PWT Series – PCB Wet-Chemical R2R Surface Treatment

Roll-to-roll (R2R) machines of the PWT Series are used for cleaning and roughening the copper surface to improve its bonding ability for following processes. The PWT Series combines following process steps in the production of FPCs: winding and unwinding, cleaning, water and acid rinsing, micro-etching as well as drying.


  • No dirt or residual chemicals after wet cleaning
  • Equipped with automatic control systems to ensure longest uptime
  • Single-track or double-track conveyor can be selected according to production capacity and process requirements


  • Modularized design: Tension or dancer rollers can be selected according to the process requirements to ensure no deforming
  • Robust body structure to maintain parallel position of rollers during long-term operation
  • Superior Edge Position Control (EPC) to ensure an even and straight rolling
  • Sloped-bottom tanks for chemical processes to minimize solution leftovers and load on wastewater treatment after rinsing
  • Sloped-bottom and small-volume tanks for rinsing processes to improve tank replacement rate by 50 ­ %


Specifications of substrates:

Panel width

250 - 600 mm (can be customized for different sizes)

Panel thickness

12.5 μm - 25 μm or thicker

R2R performance:

Mean repair time (MTTR)

4 h

Normal operating time (uptime)

≥ 95 %

EPC permissible edge alignment

± 0.5 mm

Low-tension control

5 N - 30 N


Additional data available on request.

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